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10 Best Reasons Why and How to Try Scalloping Crystal River 

Scalloping Crystal River is one of the Best Experiences if you've never tried it.

There are so many incredible wonders waiting to be explored in the waters of Florida. From spotting wildlife to boating, you can spend a ton of time having fun on the water. Make sure you take the time to hop in the water too. There are also thrills hiding beneath the waves and rivers of the Sunshine State that you can’t miss. That’s where scalloping comes into play!

Scalloping is an incredible form of fishing in which you get to dive into the water and hunt for scallops. Once you find the perfect spot, you can bring up your scallops and cook an amazing seafood dinner with the family. If you find yourself in Florida, you have to try scalloping Crystal River at least once. Not convinced? Here are the best reasons why you should try scalloping Crystal River.

What is Scalloping?

Scalloping is exactly what it sounds like, fishing for scallops! Instead of sitting on a boat with a hook and lure, you have to get into the water to find decadent scallops. When you go scalloping in Florida you will run into bay scallops. Bay Scallops are a little bit smaller than sea scallops, but they still have the same delicious flavor.

What Are Scallops?

If you aren’t familiar with the decadent seafood, you’re in for a treat! Scallops are in the mollusk family and are similar to oysters, mussels, and clams. Scallops have a distinct, buttery taste and texture to them. These qualities make them a sought-after menu item at many seafood restaurants.

Scallops like to live among the seagrass in shallow waters. In Florida, you can find scallops living in water about 4-10 feet deep. This makes scalloping a great activity for swimmers of all abilities. You can take the whole family out to help catch an incredible dinner, even if everyone is a beginner swimmer.

Scallop season shells and meat

When is Scalloping Season?

Just like fishing and hunting for other animals, you can only collect scallops when they are in season. In Florida, scallop season starts in July and ends in September. It’s an incredible time to hop in the warm waters of the Crystal River and cool off from some of the summer heat.

During scallop season you'll find tons of other boats going around looking for the little treats. Remember that to harvest scallops, you have to go about 2-3 miles away from the shore during the season.

Where Can I Go Scalloping?

One of the best spots to go scalloping in Florida is Crystal River. Crystal River is right near Homosassa Florida, another great spot to go scalloping. Not only is Crystal River beautiful on its own, but it is home to tons of scallops. Even if you have never been scalloping before, Crystal River is the perfect place to start.

It’s home to everyone from beginner scallopers looking for something fun to do during the day to seasoned professionals grabbing their hundredth catch. When you decide to try scalloping Crystal River, you'll be greeted with other boaters, beautiful wildlife, and of course plenty of scallops.

What Do You Need to Go Scalloping?

Scalloping in Florida is such a great activity because you don’t need a ton of gear. In some of the more shallow waters of Crystal River, all you need is a Crystal River

Scalloping Charter. When you’re chartering a scallop boat on the Crystal River, they will have everything you need. They'll show you all the areas where the water is very shallow where you can easily swim down and even see the scallops from your boat.

The easiest way to get to the best scalloping spots in Crystal River is to find a great Scalloping Charter Boat Company. such as Seadaddys Dive Center. To have the best experience, we highly recommend booking your scalloping charter well in advance, in order to guarantees that you will be able to find a great spot to catch a ton of scallops and have fun on the water.

Taking a Boat for Scalloping Crystal River

Crystal River is a very popular destination for scalloping, boating, and other water activities. This can make it a little crowded from time to time, but it is still a destination you can’t miss if you want to try scalloping.

If you get your fair share of scallops throughout the day, there are a ton of other activites that Seadaddys provides as well, such as the infamous swim with manatee tours.

Taking Your Own Boat Out For Scalloping Crystal River

Since the river can get a little crowded from time to time, you may be wondering about where you can keep your boat rental while scalloping Crystal River. There are plenty of spots along the side of the river where you can anchor your boat.

Once you go out far enough to a place that isn’t too crowded, look over the edge and see if you can spot any scallops. They are pretty good at blending into their surroundings and seagrass. But if the sun hits them right you might be able to see their glistening blue eyes through the water! Just be sure to be mindful and courteous to other boaters while scalloping Crystal River.

Fishing on Crystal River

No matter where you go for scalloping, you will need a fishing license. Anyone between the ages of 16 and 64 will need to obtain a fishing license before scalloping Crystal River. Fishing licenses are relatively cheap in Florida and usually run around $17. You can check out all of the details about fishing licenses here.

Be sure to know the rules and regulations before you go out so you can have a fun and safe day scalloping Crystal River. Now that you have everything together, you may be wondering, how do I start scalloping Crystal River?

How To Go Scalloping in Crystal River

Once you have your boat or guide lined up, it’s time to hit the water. Scalloping Crystal River is a fun experience for everyone. Looking for scallops is like going on an Easter egg hunt. They can be a little tricky to spot at first. Once you spot one, you can start to figure out where they like to hide among the seagrass. Here are some steps to help when scalloping Crystal River.

With so many boats out on the river, you won't want to have to fight to find the best spots. Getting a scalloping charter will help you find all the best spots with ease. Most people enjoy have the guide guide who will be able to show you all of the best spots for finding scallops, and teach a thing or two about them.

2. Look For Rock Formations

When you’re looking for scallops, they can blend into their environment very well. Keep an eye out for little rock formations among the seagrass. Scallops look a bit like clams. Be on the lookout for the distinct scalloped edges on their shells.

3. Watch Your Fingers

While scallops don’t bite, they can clamp down on fingers. So be sure to be very careful when scooping up scallops. You can even use gloves or a little fishing net on a stick to scoop up the mollusks.

4. Wrap it Up

You can only catch a certain amount of scallops per person. This is to make sure that scallops don’t get overfished and can repopulate in their environment. The limit for a bag of scallops is 2 whole gallons of scallops, per person, per day. You can have no more than 10 gallons of whole scallops on a boat at a time as well.

scallops from Crystal River

Why Scalloping Crystal River?

Crystal River has almost perfect conditions for scalloping. Some parts of the river have shallow waters that are incredibly clear. This makes it easy for anyone to dive down and grab some scallops. Even the kids can swim in the waters and grab a couple of scallops for the road. Crystal River also has amazing wildlife.

Be on the lookout for manatees while you’re boating around. They like to frequent Crystal River due to its warm waters. Even if you don’t want to try scalloping Crystal River there are plenty of other activities you can do in the water.

Other Activities in Crystal River

If you really want to get up close and personal with the wildlife of Crystal River, consider taking an open water diver certification. This course teaches you everything you need to know about diving in freshwater and is set right in Crystal River. Once you are certified, you can explore the shallow freshwater reefs.

Get ready to run into fish, manatees, and even find some more scallops! There are also plenty of boat tours on Crystal River to enjoy. If you are in Florida you can't miss the beauty of Crystal River. Be sure to check out boat rentals and tours near you to find the perfect activity for you and your group.

What To Do With Your Scallops

Now that you have gone out and finished scalloping Crystal River, you may be wondering what exactly to do with your catch. Scallops have a rich and buttery texture that makes them very sought after. If you don’t know how exactly to cook scallops, you’re in luck. Many restaurants near Crystal River will let you bring in your scallops.

Once you bring your scallops to a nearby restaurant, the chef will cook them up for you. There's no need to make a mess in your hotel room trying to figure out how to get the scallops out of their shell. Just bring in your catch and enjoy what the chefs whip up for you. Make sure to add plenty of butter and garlic for a delicious seafood spread.

Best Reasons For Scalloping Crystal River

Scalloping Crystal River isn’t all about getting the best catch of the day. There are so many other amazing reasons for scalloping crystal rivers.

1. Spending Time With Family

The real fun of scalloping Crystal River is going out with friends and family. You get to enjoy nature with them and make unforgettable natures. Why not get a wonderful dinner out of it too? One of the best reasons for scalloping is that it is an easy activity that everyone in the family can try.

2. Nature

Scalloping Crystal River has all of the excitement of an Easter egg hunt mixed with the beautiful nature of Florida. You can't beat the natural beauty of the rivers of Florida. So while you may be on the hunt for scallops, half of the journey is enjoying the beautiful scenery around you. There is also a ton of other wildlife that you can see on Crystal River while you’re on the hunt. Look out for manatees, seabirds, and tons of different fish while boating around the water.

3. Dinner Time!

Not everyone can say they went out and caught their own food for dinner while on vacation. But when scalloping CrystalRriver, that’s exactly what you get to do. If you have chefs in the family, you can bring your scallops back and cook up a delicious seafood dinner. Add a little butter, garlic, and white wine, and you are all set. The kids will even enjoy a night eating something other than chicken fingers. If you aren’t much of a chef you can bring your catch to local restaurants and turn your fresh catch into a gourmet meal out.

How To Try Scalloping Crystal River

The easiest way to try scalloping is to get out with a scalloping tour guide and let them do all the hard work while you enjoy all the fun. You don’t need the experience to get a great catch. All you need is a scallop tour guide with a boat, a mesh bag, and a keen eye while you’re in the water.

All you have to do is get in the water and start searching. Unleash your wild side and have an amazing time doing a unique activity while visiting Florida. Once you give it a go you’re definitely going to want to go out every time you visit Crystal River in Florida. So get out on the water, grab some scallops and enjoy your day in Crystal River.

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