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Scuba Training in Swimming Pool

Diving Lessons

Easy, small class settings for 1-6 Scuba Diving Lessons at a time in Crystal River, FL. 


This is a 3 day class, completion will result in a SDI-Open Water Certification Course, your training is a life long certification valid in most any place you decide to dive however always check with out of the U.S. dive shops or locations to make sure your certification is valid for the dives you have chosen to perform.

A open water Certification is mainly designed for students whom plan to remain diving more shallow dive spots and or always have a dive master leading their dives. Most people become open-water dives to enjoy the shallow water reefs, fish, and more.

Dive Training Built for Fun!


3 Days


SDI-Open Water Certification Course,


Never, Lifetime Certification

Best for

Shallow dives and Tandem Dives

You may just choose to purchase your dive code and begin your online training. Your dive code is additional fee and its your first step on your way to become a diver ( note; you must complete your skill training with in 1 year from your purchase)

Please note under water navigation is not required instruction in the Open Water Dive Class and would be why each student should strongly consider returning for their Advanced Open Water Certification, even if a open water diver does not feel they need further education in diving we strongly recommend that you reconsider further training achieving your Advanced Open Water Certification. Knowledge is power folks get your education on!

Dive Classes
Diving Certification Classes
  • Reservations Required. Purchase each Step together, or Separate.

  • Minimum Age 10, Will need proof of age for 10-15 year old.

  • One order/transaction at a time, except an Adult with Minor(s).

Step 1

Required Step 1.


Online Preparatory Course required prior to moving into Step 2 of the Diving Instructor led Class.

$150.00 + Tax/Fees

Online Coursework

Step 2

Must have completed Step 1. Step 2 is Required.


Diving Instructor led 8 hr training class which will teach you the basic skills and knowledge to make your first preliminary dive & written test.

Starting at: $85.00 + Tax/Fees

Classroom Coursework

Step 3

Must have completed Step 1 & 2. Step 3 Required.


This 8 hr day will be the final certification day completing water skills, review of skills taught in previous day.

Starting at $85.00 +Tax/Fees

Class & Water Coursework

This is for a 3-Day Certification. Don't have that much time? Contact Us 

Silhouette of Scuba Divers
Call Us for Questions

We would be honored to help you with your Diving course, and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

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