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Photo of a manatee in one of Crystal River Florida's Springs. Manatee is facing the camera.

Swim with Manatees

Swimming with the Manatees tours are our specialty. We offer both shared boat experiences which are an affordable option for smaller groups, as well as private boat options for groups as big as six in a boat. All of our tours are Eco-Friendly as we are the only company in Crystal River to have an extensive education program in addition to the required USFW 'Manatee Manners' video.  We also have our Eco Walkthrough, with Seagrass tanks, aquariums with native and invasive species and more!


Check out the different experiences below, and click on the Availability button to view your options.

Swim with Manatees
Shared Boat Manatee Tour
Private Boat Manatee Tour

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Guide Package

Price Varies for Tour Types

Our Guide package ensures that your group will have an in-water guide there to assist you while on the water during your tour. They also highlight other points of interest other than the manatees like our springs, or other wildlife such as turtles, birds, crabs and more! 

As a bonus, the guide package comes with complimentary photos and/or videos from your trip of your friends and family. These photos are sent in a digital link to the email you provide when booking. 

We don’t guarantee a guide on any tour other than our 4 Hour VIP All Inclusive unless aragnements are made in advance. Only one package per reservation is needed as you’re free to print, post or share the photos/videos with the other members of your group. 

By reserving it in advance you save $10 on the Guide Package Cost. 

  • Is there an age limit?
    There is no age restriction as we leave it up to the parent's disrection. However, any minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times (including on our boat and in the water) and any minors 6 years and under must remain in a USCG approved life jacket which we can provide
  • Are Wetsuits required?
    Wetsuits are required to go snorkeling on any of our manatee swimming exursions. While wetsuits are primarily used to help with warmth, we also use wetsuits to ensure our guests float effortlessly at the surface of the water.
  • Are we allowed to touch the manatees?
    As per guidance from USFW, as a tour company we practice passive observation and do not allow our guests to touch manatees. We encourage all of our guests to 'Freeze and Float' and keep their hands at the surface of the water. By doing this, it better ensures the safety and comfort of our manatees while we observe them in their natural habitat. SeaDaddys is all about eco-toursim, we want to provide our guests a fun and education experience without harming our manatees. Manatees are naturally curious animals and on some occasions might come up and interact with our guests. They are wild animals, so all interactions happen on their terms and there is no guarentee that a manatee will be that interactive
  • Are we allowed to take photos/videos?
    Yes! All of our guests are more than welcome to bring their own equipment to record/photograph their tour. We do ask that there is no flash used during the tour and any handles are standard size (not expandable, or a selfie stick). We offer guide packages which include complimentary photos and can be purchased in advance to your tour.
  • Can we bring dogs?
    SeaDaddys is pet friendly! But dogs/service animals are only allowed on our Private Manatee Excursions. If you book a private tour, and decide to bring a dog(s) along, please keep the following in mind. -There must be someone with your dog at all times, so someone must remain on the boat with them. -We must be notified prior to your tour -Your dog cannot be disruptive while on the tour, excessive barking, growling, etc. will not be allowed on our tours. If you are returned to the dock due to these behaviors, you will not get a refund. -Your dog is not allowed into the water at any point during the tour
  • What's the water temperature?
    Our tours take place in Kings Bay, a 588 acre spring fed refuge. The water stays roughly 72°F or around 22°C so we consider it 'shockingly refreshing'! All of our snorkeling guests do wear wetsuits, which will help keep you warm in the water
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